Plant based cashew cream fig sundae
Fruit & Granola Top Sundae
Quick and Easy Version
Yogurt or ice cream of any kind - sweet cashew cream shown
Superfood Blend - any flavor, Ashwagandha shown
Sliced Fruit - figs shown
Fruit Puree - fruit with lemon juice and maple syrup to taste.  Mash together with fork.  Make sure puree has the consistency of yogurt by adding a little water if necessary. Fig puree shown.
Granola or Nuts - Sunny Citrus Granola shown. 
Mix yogurt with 1/2 tsp Superfood Blend or to taste.
In a nice glass, fill with yogurt 1/3 full.
Rim glass with slice fruit.
Pour fruit puree into glass lined with fruit.
Top with our Sprouted Nut GranolaSprouted Nut Mix, or plain Sprouted Nuts.