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For a super easy breakfast that will fuel you for hours, try our superfood–enhanced Overnight Oats Kit. We start out with organic, gluten free oats, and then add our mouth-watering flavors: Chocolate with lion’s mane and maca for mental clarity, or Vanilla Spice enhanced with chai spices and ashwagandha for stress relief. Both yummy flavors are filled with soluble fiber which is known to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. 

Can’t decide which flavor to try? Get both in our Variety Kit! Each kit includes 4 single serving packets (2 of each flavor) as well as our Sprouted Nut Mix Cranberry Pecan for a crunchy protein-rich topping. Simply add your favorite milk before you go to bed, pop it in the fridge to soak, and you’ll wake up to a yummy and nourishing start to the day.

Unrefined Coconut Sugar - A low-glycemic, minimally processed sweetener produced from the sap of palm trees. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins.

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