Why Sprouted?

raw vegan sprouted nuts


At Nüssli118°, we handcraft our products using organic sprouted, or “activated”, nuts and seeds. Sprouting is the traditional process of soaking nuts or seeds in water to reduce their naturally occurring phytic acids, bitter-tasting tannins and enzyme inhibitors. This results in a more gut-friendly product, packed with bioavailable enzymes and nutrients that we can’t absorb from regular raw nuts and seeds. The flavor changes slightly too, because the removal tannins means that our nuts and seeds are no longer bitter. Some even taste ever-so-slightly sweet!

To ensure consistency and quality at Nüssli118°, we sprout all of our nuts and seeds in small batches ourselves. Then, to complete the process, we dehydrate them at 118°F to protect their heat–sensitive enzymes while also yielding a delightfully crunchy texture.

Why go through all that trouble? Because we love it! Plus we know that taking extra care of our ingredients means taking extra care of our customers. If we can nourish each and every person who buys Nüssli118° snacks and treats, then we’re doing our part to create a more healthy and empowered world.