Cacao Focus Superfood Blend

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Craft the perfect hot chocolate at home with the added benefits of adaptogens and superfood mushrooms. 

Along with antioxidant–rich cacao, we've added lion's mane and reishi mushrooms to our Cacao Focus Superfood Blend. Not only does this mix fortify the immune system, but it also works to enhance memory and brain function. We’ve also added maca to the blend, an Andean adaptogen that has been shown to balance hormones, stabilize mood and increase energy.

Enjoy this rich blend morning or night – your brain will thank you as much as your taste buds! Dairy-free, caffeine free.

2.25 oz box, 9 servings
9.0 oz white compostable bag, 36 servings 

Raw Cacao - The powdered form of raw cacao beans. An anti-inflammatory with high mineral content, protein and 4 times the antioxidants of green tea which can help elevate the mood.

Lion’s Mane - A mushroom known for enhancing brain functions and boosting immunity.

Ingredients: *coconut palm sugar, *cacao powder, *maca, *lion's mane mushroom, *reishi mushroom, *tocos powder, inulin, Himalayan salt, *vanilla powder


All ingredients are free of gluten, grains, dairy, eggs and soy. | Produced in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy. | Store in a cool dry place. 

Serving Suggestion: Mix 2 teaspoons of our Superfood Blend into 8 ounces of your preferred dairy or plant-based milk. Enjoy hot or iced. 

You can also add a scoop to smoothies, overnight oats or your morning coffee for a flavorful and nourishing boost.

Packaging: 2.25 oz box contains 9 servings; 9.0 oz white compostable bag contains 36 servings.

Customer Reviews

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I can really focus!

This takes me from being “cloudy” in the morning to alert, focused, and in a good mood. Not jittery or irritable. I must say thanks Art McKinney (other reviewer) for turning me on to these great products!

Thanks for this wonderful review!! And thanks to Art for the recommendation!!

Arthur McKinney
Focus Superfood Blend Is Awesome!

My husband and I came into your store recently while visiting our niece nearby. We live out on the Cape. During our visit we stopped in and I tried your Focus Superfood Blend. I was so utterly surprised at how immediate and glaring the effects were (in a good way). I felt energized and focused within a few moments of sipping my coffee with your blend added. The taste was smooth and not at all "funky" like one might expect given mushrooms as the main ingredient. I work in the insurance industry and am constantly jumping from task to task and from crisis to crisis. Focus is key to my success and given the last year of COVID/WFH life I've been lagging behind a bit more than I would like. After trying the sample packet I purchased during my visit, I realized that it made sense to order more. I now drink your product in my morning coffee 7 days a week and have felt more upbeat and focused as a result. It has not made me feel sped up or jittery in any way and has actually helped me to remain calmer during my day. Anyhow I continue to enjoy your product and have begun telling friends about it. You run a clean and innovative business and I appreciate the value you bring to the community! Keep doing what you're doing and know that you are appreciated! I will be a long term customer and will continue to share my positive experience with others who can benefit from your products.


Thank you so much for your review. Your words are just the encouragement we need to keep our motivation high during these challenging times!!