Our Story

The business owner of Nussli118 Angela, a woman of color running a small business focused on wellness, healthy living, plant-based meals, sprouted nuts and seeds, and promoting healthy diets for all bodies.

Welcome to Nüssli118°! 

I’m thrilled you made it here, and I hope you find something inspiring on every page. 

You may have heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: good health is not quite a destination, but a continuous journey. For me, that journey began in earnest over 15 years ago when I was struggling with something we now call FLC – feeling like crap. Back then, the prescription doctors gave for this were antidepressants, sleeping pills and antacids. But those felt like bandaids, and I was desperate to get to the root of my chronic discomfort. So, in a moment of clarity, I decided to take control of my health and educate myself about the healing power of food. It just made sense: if my body was feeling sluggish and ill, then surely the foods I put into it were not doing their job to nourish and fuel me. I took a deep dive into nutrition, and found myself enchanted by words like “nutrient dense”, “plant-based”, “minimally processed” “raw” and “sprouted”. I discovered a world I never knew existed, and it inspired me to continue on my health journey.

The only problem was, when it came time to buy my family’s groceries, I found very little offered in the way of truly nourishing, plant-based snacks. There was only one thing to do: create my own. At first it was just for me and my family, but then friends wanted a taste of my new snacks. Not long after that, their friends wanted some too. I spent every spare minute in the kitchen and I loved it. Soon it became clear that I’d rather be there than sitting at my desk, working as an architect. That’s when I started to dream up my new business, and Nüssli118° was born. I chose that name because “Nüssli” means “little nut” in Swiss German, the language of  Maximilian Bircher-Brenner, M.D. who was a pioneer nutritionist (and on a personal note, my husband is from Switzerland, too!). 118° is a staple in the raw-food community - it is the highest temperature to which raw foods can be heated or dried, and still maintain their living nutrients.

Whatever your personal health journey is, whether it looks like mine or not, I know one thing is for certain: you deserve to feel great. At Nüssli118°, my mission is to help you feel that way through the healing power of delicious foods. With special emphasis on delicious! A commitment to health doesn’t have to mean skipping dessert...

Here’s to Your Journey!
Angela Hofmann
Cambridge Local First
We are proud to be featured in the Cambridge Local First Black Owned Directory and participate in Boston Globe Media’s Support Black Owned initiative.  Angela is also a member of the Cambridge Local First Board of Directors and serves as Treasurer.