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Our Ingredients

At Nüssli118°, we make it easy to eat what's best for your body while loving every bite.  We are a small team of food enthusiasts creating and selling healthy drinks, meals, snacks, and desserts.  Our products are simply prepared with the best organic raw sprouted nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. We promise healthy never tasted so good!
Whether called sprouted, a living food, or activated, our nuts and seeds are soaked in water to begin the sprouting process.  This process removes anti-nutrients and activates enzymes making the nutrients more bio-available and easier to digest.
After we sprout our nuts and seeds, they are gently dried at 118° to protect heat-sensitive enzymes and vital nutrients.  This process also creates the desired texture, from chewy to crunchy and intensifies flavors.
We make eating your fruits and vegetables fun and enjoyable.  Vegetables and fruits provide incredible amounts of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and easily digestible protein.  Everyone should be eating their veggies!
Thanks so much for visiting our online store.  Our team is excited to offer a wide variety of healthy drinks, snacks, meals, and desserts you will love. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns about you might have and we will be happy to reply.  Again, thanks for visiting our store and enjoy shopping, learning, and discovering how incredible healthy eating can be.