Raw vegan organic sprouted everything bagel seed crackers by Nussli118.
Everything Sprouted Seed Crackers

Everything Sprouted Seed Crackers

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Our Sprouted Seed Crackers start with onion and garlic seasoning and blended with sprouted black sesame seeds and a touch of flakey salt to create the “everything bagel” flavor of this best-selling cracker! Our delicious cracker base is made from a medley of small-batch sprouted seeds and crispy cauliflower. They’re entirely raw, grain–free, low carb and practically addictive!

5 oz. clear recycle container, 7 servings

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Sprouting benefits

Beauty begins with nourishment. We unlock the nutrients of our fair trade, organic nuts and seeds through the time-honored tradition of sprouting. Sprouting increases nutrient bioavailability, eases digestion and enhances flavor. 

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