Meal Planning for a Healthy Vacation

Nussli plant based picnic

I’m headed off to enjoy summer vacation soon and my goal is to make as much time for fun and relaxation as possible. For me, that means limiting the amount of time I spend doing chores like cooking and cleaning. Luckily, spending less time in the kitchen doesn’t mean sacrificing my commitment to healthy eating. There are so many options out there for quick meals and snacks, and finding one with nutrient-dense ingredients that satisfies your cravings doesn't have to be difficult. Nüssli118° is here to help!

As I pack my suitcase full of summer dresses, loungewear and bathing suits, I’m sure to also pack a large cooler with Nüssli118° desserts like Squares, Rounds and Sprouted Cashew Brownies. All fruit-sweetened and made with whole food ingredients! For simple savory snacks, my go-tos are sprouted nuts, olives, grain-free granola and air-popped popcorn. So whether it’s the movie night munchies or a pre-dinner snack attack, we’re all set with quick and healthy options. 

Planning out my family’s meals in advance also helps to save time for relaxation down the line. Breakfasts are super simple with Nüssli118° Overnight Oats that don’t need refrigeration while we travel. I also like to pack some chia pudding in the cooler, another family favorite at breakfast time. For lunch, I pack a variety of grain-free crackers along with homemade cashew cheese spreads. Served with lots of summer cucumbers, carrots and fruit slices for dipping, this makes the perfect not-too-heavy meal for hot summer afternoons. When it comes to dinner, I get a little more creative. Some prep-ahead meals that I’m packing for our next trip include Vegan Crab Cakes, Sun Burgers and peanut sauce for our Thai-inspired Zucchini Rolls. Yum! All these dishes will be available made-to-order for pick–up or delivery from Nüssli118° this August!

A little planning and preparation goes a long way when you want to stay satisfied and healthy on your summer get-away. No plans to travel? You’ll find the same is true during a regular work week at home, too. That’s why we do what we do at Nüssli118°– to make it easy for you to eat healthy, with delicious plant-based ingredients that nourish and fuel your body. No matter what lies ahead!