A Superfood Sundae for Breakfast or Dessert (Quick and Easy!)

Plant based cashew cream fig sundae


Yogurt – I prefer a plain diary-free coconut or cashew yogurt, unsweetened. (Cashew cream is shown here.)

Nüssli118° Superfood Blend – use your favorite flavor! (Chai Balance used here.)

Sliced Fruit – try peaches, cherries, pineapple, figs or cooked pears. (Figs shown.)

Fruit Puree – you can use one of our fruit spreads, or make your own! Simply mash/blend the fresh fruit of your choice with a squeeze of lemon juice and maple syrup to taste. Be careful not to make it too thin – shoot for the same consistency as your yogurt. (Fig puree shown here.)

Granola or Nuts – for added texture and protein! (Nüssli118° Sunny Citrus Granola used here.) 


Mix your yogurt with ½ tsp Nüssli118° Superfood Blend (or more to taste).

Line the inside of a nice glass with sliced fruit. I like using cocktail glasses.

Fill the glass about ⅓ full with your Superfood yogurt mixture. Follow with a top layer of fruit puree.  

To finish with something a little crunchy, top with granola or nuts. (i.e. Nüssli118° Sprouted Nut GranolaSprouted Nut Mix, or plain Sprouted Nuts.)


Bonus: To transform this breakfast treat into a decadent dessert, replace the yogurt with ice cream and top with our Sprouted Nut Clusters.