Superfood Latte Kit

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Our Superfood Latte Kit makes the perfect gift for your latte-loving friends.

Each gift box includes sample sizes of our five best-selling Superfood Blends: Ashwagandha Chai Balance, Mushroom Cacao Focus, Golden Turmeric Restore, Matcha Energize and Chicory Cacao Nourish.

Simply add the contents of one single-serving packet to 8 ounces of your preferred plant-based milk. Blend well and enjoy hot or iced! The high quality ingredients and adaptogens in our Superfood Blends are a delicious compliment to your day, whether you want to wind down with a cozy drink in the evening or wake up to an energizing boost in the morning. 

This Superfood Latte Kit also includes a battery-operated drink frother and spoon, all beautifully packaged and ready to ship in an in an eco-friendly mailer. (But trust us - you're going to want one for yourself, too!)

Our Ashwagandha Balance Superfood Blend contains the calming power of ashwagandha and a traditional combination of sumptuous chai spices: cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg and cardamom. Unrefined coconut sugar is added for a slight sweetness that brings out these aromatic flavors.

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Our chicory cacao blend contains a roasty, rich chocolate flavor with gut-healthy ingredients like dandelion root and roasted chicory. Lightly sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar.

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Our Golden Turmeric Restore Superfood Blend is an inflammation-fighting powerhouse! Combined with a sprinkle of black pepper to unlock it’s active compounds, the organic turmeric in this mixture can help you recover after a workout, ease arthritis or soothe an irritable tummy.

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Our Matcha Energize Superfood Blend is an antioxidant-packed source of energy, featuring organic ceremonial-grade matcha, moringa, spirulina and chlorella.

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Our Mushroom Cacao Focus Superfood Blend is a delicious mix of antioxidant–rich cacao and nourishing mushrooms. We use a unique combination of lion's mane, reishi and maitake mushrooms, which not only fortify the immune system, but also work to enhance memory and brain function. We’ve also added maca to this blend, an Andean adaptogen that has been shown to balance hormones, stabilize mood and increase energy.

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Whisk 2 teaspoons of Superfood Blend into dairy or nut milk to create a frothy latte. It’s delicious hot or iced! You can also add a scoop to smoothies, yogurt, overnight oats or your morning coffee for a flavorful and nourishing boost.